Our Team

Building Our Team

When people come together to share their knowledge, experience and passion to reach a common goal, that’s when an organization reaches its full potential. And that’s when you know you have a high-performance team who are committed to creating client value.

We maintain a diverse complement of full-time, permanent staff whose combined experience in construction, design, and project management are cornerstones to our success. Depending on the number and scope of our client’s projects, our team expands so that we can deliver on time by hiring and training local people.

JEDS is a strong supporter of all the construction workers in our employ to become licensed trades people with the Manitoba Apprenticeship Board. And all staff hired in training positions receive on the job training from experienced JEDS employees or through the required provincial apprenticeship programs. We’re deeply committed to learning and mentorship so our employees reach their full potential in a safe, supportive work environment.

People are the true power behind JEDS.